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Check out my heroine for the day (or for the month!) > female cyclist take on a catcalling man idiot

I never could understand why some men / males does these embarrassing behaviors to women. Do they actually think that women actually get ‘attracted’ by that behavior?

Moral of the story : It is good to be fit & strong! Go after idiots & ripped their car parts off!  Hahaha!




Robotics is inevitable but we are more than just people who need ‘jobs’

So a lot of famous intelligent folks are worried about the future where A.I will take over a lot of routine work of the human race. One latest article here with charts & all > read from link here  & 9 jobs that humans will lose to robots

While I understand the worry, because I do not wish for anyone to lose one’s job to a robot (and my job included!) but it is inevitable just because these jobs are not actually tapping the human’s potential at all. Humans are naturally demanding, selfish & careless – we can’t refute that. But humans are also inherently creative & resourceful – which robots aren’t.

Let’s look at the 3 traits which is not apparent in robots – Demanding – we want the best, value & fast. Selfishness – we demand for the best & fast for ourselves but we complain when we serve ‘demanding’ customers then Carelessness – we admit that we are bound to make mistakes but we are unforgiving to people commit mistakes that affects us directly. So what is wrong with giving the jobs that require swiftness, no error & best value to the one that can best perform it? On a economics & not waste of resources stand point – it is only right that we pass on this job to the robots just because they are better, more reliable & 100% predictable.

So what should the other 47% of the humans do ? Now that we do not have a ‘job’ ? What are we going to eat without money to buy food? How can I educate my child if I do not have a job to pay for the costly education? How can I pay for heat during the winter ? How do I pay for my yearly holidays that I need for my family?

{side note : The world population is declining so maybe that 47% will reduced to 30%  so let’s not be alarmed (I mean my family of 7 is only producing 1 offspring to date – that’s like a 86% reduction of # of people in just 1 family)}

You know what robots can’t replaced?

  1. A teacher that teaches us to appreciate the wonders of the world (not maths, alphabets or codes)
  2. A dreamer that writes out their stories for everyone to share
  3. A music/song writer that composes music & lyrics that resonates how we feel
  4. A painter that shows us that a picture is more than just drawings & colors
  5. A comedian that makes us laugh when we feel a little tired
  6. A conscientious human that recognizes what is wrong & takes actions to make laws to correct them
  7. A researcher that spends their time to find out more so we will all know more
  8. An actor that entertain us
  9. A cook / chef that not just makes us food but come up with new recipes / ways to make our food even more interesting
  10. An inventor that invent something that does not exist into existence.

I could go on & on but I know what we (humans) are not – we are not drivers (cos we are too careless & unpredictable) , we are not reporters (cos if it just reporting what is already happening, its a boring thing to do – why would humans enjoy that), we are not suitable to be soldiers (cos we are humans, we are not ‘born’ to fight one another, it is totally against our nature) & we are not suitable to be astronauts too (cos we should be learning how to love & take care of Earth vs looking for new planets to live).

So really – there are still plenty of ‘jobs’ going around that will finally be tapping the human’s species potential! with all the routine work being outsource / delegate to the robots – the world can now finally devote at least another 30% of the human population to something even better for the world!

Do I worry about my daughter’s future ? Yes of course! Tell me which parent who aren’t? Will I try to guide her to a profession that I think will be what the future world needs? I don’t know – as of now, I am still groping with how can I wake her up at 630am next year when she starts her primary 1!

But am I for robots in the future world – yes I am , just because despite a lot of people saying they got not enough money to survive – we can’t get people to fill up job vacancy that are seen to be too routine / menial in nature.

Maybe we just have to face up to the fact that humans want a job that can use their actual potential vs just their raw physical self. If robots do not come into existence, a big portion of the human race would probably go crazy because the human mind has developed to the point that it is time for them to realized their inner potential & when it is ignore, it is just not good.

So what will I want to do for my kid? I only hope I can help her find her own potential despite my authoritarian nature. The issue here would really be how can i curb my own opinions on her.




Ellen Degeneres

She is very famous of course. I do not think I need to even give a summary about her history at all or even need to find a picture of her to be posted here.

But why I am featuring her as my ‘inspiring’ female of the month is just because I would like you (Relm) to know that one can still be sarcastic yet funny but nice all at the same time.

How do one even get to deliver message that is not just honest & sarcastic but also funny without being offending? I often wonder is it because she is just born as such or she has managed to attain this ‘skill’ through some personal ‘enlightenment’?

Anyway, something for me to ponder about


Wáng Zhènyì (王振义)

For the start of year 2017, I decided to feature this Asian descent female for my monthly inspiring female for Relm to read – she comes not just from a time that are not only male dominated culture but also of highly feudalistic.

Wáng Zhènyì (王振义), 1768-1797

She published what was then an unprecedented 12 scientific works – many focused on self-modeled hypotheses – during her lifetime, she is remembered by the crater on Venus named in her honor. She is also an outspoken proponent of equality in the sciences, noting that women and men “are all people, who have the same reason for studying.”

She was a very strong and intelligent woman well known for her contributions in astronomy, mathematics, and poetry. She was an acclaimed scholar, “An extraordinary woman of 18th century China.”

Wang Zhenyi believed in equality and equal opportunity for both men and women. She wrote in one of her poems:

It’s made to believe,
Women are the same as Men;
Are you not convinced,
Daughters can also be heroic?

I must say, I have been lucky to be born in a time where female / males are considered equals. Although we are given the same opportunity in education but it was not a time where females are encouraged so much to do the male stuff & vice versa.

More about her > read link here.

Officially an “auntie” & loving it

Over at this part of the world – people respect older age folks. So it is a norm for any younger (25 & below) to call any older adults as “auntie” or “uncle” – eventhough there are no relations whatsoever. Of course – usually people are are below 40, they will be addressed as “Miss” or “Mister” & sometimes even ‘che-che’ (older sister) or ‘kor-kor (older brother) so that below 40 does not get offended. But usually – ladies with kids , you can be sure you will be addressed as “auntie”.

Now, I have long accepted the fact that I am quite an “auntie”, because I am not crazy about shopping for clothes or shoes, but I sure do like check out kitchen gadgets & supermarkets for special foodstuff when I am travelling. However, I have never been able to “enjoy” the ‘perks’ thoroughly of being the fact that I am an “auntie” but with recent events, I finally enjoyed the perks that comes with the ‘status’… & I must say this – I enjoyed it thoroughly… And here’s what happened…

My next door neighbor are occupied by a bunch of young adults (some are teenagers probably) cause the kids’ parents are in the UK working. The young kid being ‘resourceful’ – rent out the rooms to his friends (which are obviously young). Now, kids being kids, they are careless & less considerate. They parked carelessly, blocking my entrance to my house – which really is kind of irritating considering M’sia is a country where rain is very unpredictable. So, I ‘used’ my auntie status & request nicely to these young adults to park their cars properly.

NOW – a month later – one of them (I have also developed ‘auntie’ syndrome of not able to distinguished their looks since all of them kind of have the same style , height etc) AGAIN parks right in front of my gate (half side). This time, I go into my auntie mode again & lecturing him again that he can always “open” the gate & PARK into the house parking lot. He was apologetic of course (did I also mentioned some of these young kids are gangsters?.. yes, i am definitely banking on my ‘auntie’ status).

Now – here is the best part, last night – a bunch of their friends came. This time, they PARKED right in front of my gate, and 10mins later – I had to leave the house, and this time, I just need to use my finger & look at the boy – and he immediately shouted out to his friend to move the car.

So, yeah.. I totally love this “auntie” status!


Margaret Hamilton

This month under my ‘inspiring women’ category, I would like to feature Margaret Hamilton. She was one of the software programmer for the success of Apollo Spacecraft landing on the moon. To read more about her – just wiki it. Or read this  Margaret Hamilton (scientist)

She wasn’t supposed to invent the modern concept of software and land men on the moon. BUT she DID! How cool is that!


Picture source from the wikipedia.

One should not be afraid to say ‘I don’t know’ or  ‘I don’t understand,’ or to ask ‘dumb’ questions, since no question is a dumb question. To continue even when things appear to be impossible, even when the so called experts say it is impossible; to stand alone or to be different; and not to be afraid to be wrong or to make and admit mistakes, for only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.

– Margaret Hamilton

When I was younger, I was afraid to fail. Afraid to tell teacher that I don’t get what she is teaching in that additional maths or in the physics class. I wished I had the courage to ask stupid questions like “WHY are we learning this”  or “HOW can this be applied”? . I am sure it would have got me interested in the subject to learn it with gusto.

So here you are – Relm, the wonders of science, maths, physics & logic can help one land a spacecraft ! And that’s being done by a women in the 1960s!!

Amelia Earhart

I have decided to feature 1 inspiring woman each month so that Relm can see the many possibilities that a woman can do (since I am pretty ‘affected’ by her Montessori’s concert depiction of ‘flying’ theme where only boys were pilots & girls as stewardess) when she finally can read lots on her own & even write her own blog.

So obviously, I will start with the first woman aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean – Amelia Earhart. Flying solo is not her only accomplishment of course – her achievements can be found in wikipedia of course!


pic from wikipedia

“Please know that I am aware of the hazards. I want to do it because I want to do it. Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failure must be a challenge to others.” – Amelia Earhart (1897-1937)

I am not advocating all women to be a pilot, but I will like young girls & ladies not to limit themselves to stereotype gender roles. What men do, women can too & what women do, men can too!