the ‘great’ national newspaper of malaysia

I wasn’t sure if I should find this amusing or ashamed when I saw this article via Malaysia Today that the NST posted this article in the newspaper today. Hello… NSTers… content of subtance please.. not some what astrologer says. NST is one of the highest distributed english newspaper. I’m more than proud to say that I do not subscribe to any of these ‘national’ newspaper. Source of news from the virtual world (internet) seems more real vs. those physical printed ones. 

Check out the difference of content between these 2 

1) The Malaysian Insider 

2) The New Straits Times (NST)

Talk about government control ! I don’t think the newspaper can be more ‘controlled’ than it already is. NST has no content, does not makes one utilise their own grey matter & mostly totally biased. And you wonder why the non-virtual-connected folks are clueless….   


The Immigrants of Malaysia

For the past 2 weeks, there are so much ‘hoo-haa’s from this Ahmad Ismail’s racist remarks (read archives here). The Chinese were called as ‘pendatang’ (immigrants) & thus impossible to achieve equal rights among races.

Now ‘immigrant‘ is define by Unabridged (v 1.1) as

  1. a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence
  2. an organism found in a new habitat

So actually En. Ahmad Ismail is right in saying the Chinese are immigrants when they came to this country before M’sia achieves independence 51 years ago. However, so is the Malays !! if we want to follow the definition to the root ie. a person migrating to another country (we are still talking the time before M’sia achieves independence).

According to ‘Sejarah Melayu’ website, they (the Malays) were once probably a people of coastal Borneo who expanded into Sumatra & Malay Peninsula as a result of their trading & seafaring way of life, interestingly the site also cited that Anthropologists trace the home of the Malay race to the Northwestern part of Yunnan, China. And according to the site, the present day Malays of the peninsula are described anthropologically as deutro Malays & are descendents of of the tribal proto Malays mixed with modern Indian, Thai, Arab and Chinese blood.

Now, it seems that Malaysia is a country full of ‘pendatang’ afterall. I mean we have the Indians, Ang-mo, Peranakan descendants, Portugese descendants, Chinese & the proto Malays mixed folks.

So why need for apologies ? Apologies has no concrete use for the nation, it just another chance for some politicians to ‘wayang'(show & tell) that they care & demand for apology like they really care for their ‘race’.

We don’t need any apology , we just need to recognise that we are ALL Immigrants (except for the indigenous people like the Orang Asli, Dayak, Iban etc) before the country achieves independence and thus we just need policies to be equal among these band of  ‘pendatang’ in Malaysia & no more ‘special rights’ for members of Umno.

could it be true?

Now… I have been waiting for an alternative fuel car for pretty long – though it is not the best yet but it is at least better for the environment & cheaper vs. petrol. 

Seems that Detroit Electric got our national car company (Proton) attention in the midst of the unhappiness of the M’sians on the fuel hikes. Yes – the national car company Proton may be able to produce electric car by 2010! Read article here.

Now.. electrictity needs to be generated by either coal, petrol, gas or hydro ~ maybe – going into electric car alternative is not enough. Yes – dear PM lah – not enough. We need to be more independent of natural resources. 

Alternatives tested & progressing :

  1. Water Fuel Cell Car  > 
  2. The Air Car              >
  3. Bioethanol Fuel Car  (converted from rubbish not corn) > article here

Electric car is soooooooo OLD idea. We have the advantage of jumping straight to something that’s more long term viable for the people yet – we still go with a resource dependent  alternative. Oh wait, yes.. you don’t know. Yes nothing.. that’s what it is. 

desperate enough…

The people are suffering – even resort to robbing the poor . Read news reported > sorry robber steals van

So while even the poor suffers getting rob, our police are busy fabricating evidence to bring down opposition leader (read latest article & proof by RPK) & not to mention those traffic police ~ hiding behind trees (true account- found them at the main road Senai main traffic junction) at traffic junctions to ‘catch’ the good people who beat the red traffic light by 1 second.

Yes.. the people are getting desperate. The poor rob the poor, the law enforcers lie then cheat & the good  getting nabbed for beating the traffic light by a second. 

Desperate enough indeed.. The poor robs because in need to survive, the law enforcers lie so that they can stay ‘rich’ & employed while the road law enforcers catch the good so that the good people can provide supplement income to the high cost of living in M’sia.

So.. who can we blame? 


sense & sensibility

A really good written piece .. read here. It has sense & sensibility. I couldn’t agree more on what’s written. We are not as passionate as Thais. We do what we can but when our patience wears out or if its starts to obstruct us in getting our usual comforts, well – we would stop there.

So there – we have cast our votes, so please let’s start governing & debate on real issues of the people. 

Liars galore …

There is no smoke without fire. Even a small twist to the truth & still it is a lie. There is so much resources wasted on these liars, cronies & politicians. Shouldn’t you be concentrating on the ‘people centric’ projects? Shouldn’t you be happy to be with your wife & family after you get out from the jail? Shouldn’t you be working hard to build the trust lost due to the mongolian issue? Yes, M’sia seems to only have liars for the PM & the 2nd man.. & the 1st man for the lead opposition … Some says the followers emulate the leader, so.. what else will we have other than liars liar everywhere?

Geez.. looks like what the needs of the ordinary, hardworking people of M’sia are drowned out yet again due to selfish inviduals who only care for their own greed & greed only

Used to find the politics interesting but now, it’s just full of crap, sordid acts after sordid acts.. where are the ‘acts’ on building the nation??!!   

liar, liar ..

Yet another great grand plan : read here & here  , supposedly for the good of Malaysians.

Let’s see, one of the Grand plan is to increase the Bumiputera equity ownership to 20- 25% by the 9MP. Now, we are slam with ‘statistics’ that says that non-bumis equity ownership among corporate sector is at 43.9% (of that Chinese ownership is 42.4%) & the Bumis’ equity ownership is at 19.4%. In their view, increasing the equity ownership is the way to go to improve the standards of living for the Bumis, now- I am ALL for the improving EVERYONE’s standard of living, but if the equity ownership is only ‘enjoyed’ by that few Umno folks, from the 4th floor or the relatives of the govt officials, I really don’t see the point of it all. Maybe the Lah-Lah PM should show the NUMBER of Bumis holding the 19.4% equity vs the number of non-Bumis holding that 43.9% , we could very well be in for a surprise when the number are ‘properly’ divided & could very well show us where the REAL problem is. 

So now, the lah-lah PM realised that they need “people centric” projects, excuse me .. are you saying that for the past 50 years the projects are not ‘people’ needs oriented. Oh.. right, past projects were all ‘Umno-rich’ oriented. Ok.. I get it. At least you did not blatantly lie about that. Now – the ‘projects’ all listed out to relieve the burden of the people are health, water supply, electricity, low cost housing to name a few BUT no public transportation mentioned. Not sure how these projects are easing the burden of the people. I didn’t see a lot of homeless out there, we don’t have problems of water shortages, I see a lot of people enjoying living in Kampung area & still living a decent life.  What I don’t see is viable mode of clean public transport, the people do not have a choice but to drive their own transport. Yah-right.. the projects are ‘people’-centric. Ah maybe it is because these projects are ‘easier’ to implement cause there is no need to increase the expenditure?

Mr. Lah-lah.. how stoopid can you get? How can the people get ‘quality’ of life without first having a viable cost of living? The cost of living is so high, the people can’t afford to get a decent quality of goods without high cost. What programmes can you implement to increase the people’s income when govt. link corporates are ineffcient & gets all the perks from govts while the private companies keep absorbing the high costs? Obviously the provate ones can’t afford to increase wages…Very simple economics.. Please wake up… or rather stop lying.