the world need to wake up

As I watch the news, read articles & all those things we do at work to get to that deadline or meet the target – can't help wonder how stupid we all are. Magazines rate the richest people in asia , world. People fight over territories, suicide bombers hoping they are heard by their needless death, politicians working hard on the populatority polls, countries trying to help to fix other countries's internal divide using violence..

Really – what's the point of all the above if we do not even have a place that's livable? Why can't people channel all these energy spent on useless 'territorial' , 'winning' & material needs to something that we can do in our little ways to help our beautiful earth… 

So.. here – I pledge to do what i can (small or big ways) to help our earth.  

Love this song.. check out the video on our changing climate (excerpt from the inconvenient truth)


a little more..

Though I think I do what i can on saving our earth.. like using less plastic, recycle whatever that is possible, use public transport, walk more, increase the thermostat  – is it enough?

I still require the supermart to give me plastic bag when i get my grocery. I still drive in JB when it's more than 300meters walk.. I still use air conditioning at night.  I like to travel. I like to sleep with the music on. I shower twice a day eventhough I'm not really that dirty…

Yes.. i could do a little more for our Earth..