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doodling thoughts on time notes

Went to spore biennale exhibit  last month & going through the pictures – brought me back to my halted thoughts on the 'time notes'  work  by gustavo romano. Link to view –>

What will people do if indeed time can be traded like a currency? Where you can buy time from your friend, your family member or a stranger.  Maybe even possible to deposit this time (in time of need) in a time bank! 

Will we have less beggars since they can trade their time who need them? Will we have better family values since parents can buy time to spend it with their family? Will people be more patient since time is now tradeable? Will we have less accidents? less misunderstandings (since we can use more time to explain)? 

Or will we take time for granted since it can be traded with other means? will we procrastinate even further? will it hinder progress since we have no need to chase the time (when it used to be irrecoverable). Will it become that money can buy everything (ya.ya.. except love.. blah) ? Will poor people rob for time so that they can sell them at high price in the black market?

 Interesting work indeed !