So.. it’s ok to be bad-tempered

I really should switch to ‘linked-in’ for news feed & good articles on daily basis vs using the FB, else I really could have missed this super interesting article! Read > Why it pays to be grumpy & bad-tempered

And since Jeff Bezos was mentioned (which happens to me one my fave entreprenuer vs Jobs/Musk), the article was sold for me to continue reading.

So I am not the most mild mannered person around my office. And most often than not, after my angry outburst – I would feel super lousy because I will question my ‘leadership’ style & not to mention the ‘karma’ that goes with it. I would often wonder, when I do decide to work for another firm, how would I feel if I get shouted on like how I did. Needless to say – when the next time someone/something came up wrong or do something silly/stupid, I would lose my ‘please be calm’ reminder & go on my usual tirade. But hey – to be fair it is usually very effective! Which brings me to Jeff Bezos fave phrase during his tirade – “I’m sorry but did I take my stupid pills today?!” – too funny! I think the research probably forget to mention that these grumpy & bad tempered folks are also subconsciously humorous.

So yes, I am going to try to feel less guilty after every tirade as the article suggests:-

The next time someone tells you to “cheer up” – why not tell them how you’re improving your sense of fairness, reducing unemployment and saving the world economy? You’ll be having the last laugh – even if it is a world-weary, cynical snort.


Relm & my favourite book : Mr Magnolia – Quentin Blake

Of late or rather for the past 2 years that I am quite alarmed by the famous story books for the kids (eg. Puss in Boots, Jack & the Beanstalk etc). I never realized these stories have such bad elements when I was young..but these books were glorifying cheating just because the other party is supposedly a ‘bad’ person (eg. Puss in Boots cheated & killed the ‘evil’ ogre so that his master can stay in the castle so to impress the princess OR how Jack stole the Giant’s riches slowly before he killed them then live happily ever after?) . Then there’s this the Little Match Girl which is just too depressing or Snow White & the 7 dwarfs which I feel is too ‘evil’ for a 2 year old.

Then about 6 months ago – I found this book. Relm absolutely love it mainly because of the illustrations but also how the author relate his story to a rhyme which makes me a fan too. It is a positive book about a man despite only having just 1 boot (meaning pretty poor) he is a very happy man as he is rich in love, hobbies & friends (he had owls, parakeets, dinosaurs as pets, sisters, his love for juggling & many little friends) . And one day – someone (anonymous) sent him 1 boot as a present – which of course he has his whole gang of friends, pets & family celebrating with him. For me, I enjoyed the author’s writing (even though very short) & despite reading it for more than 100 times, I do not dread the reading it to Relm every night like I do with nursery rhymes (which is another story).

Mister Magnolia – Quentin Blake

Relm happily posing with her fave book

I recently read from the imagination soup  introducing the Here’s a Little Poem with some example like One poem, by Berlie Doherty, called “Grandpa” reads,

Grandpa’s hands are as rough as

Garden sacks

And as warm as pockets.

His skin is crushed paper round

His eyes

Wrapping up their secrets.


Well.. I think I will enjoy this book too except that I can’t find it in local stores.. I want to buy those pre-loved ones but they are all only available in the US. So.. my next book hunt will be this!