my heroine for the day

Check out my heroine for the day (or for the month!) > female cyclist take on a catcalling man idiot

I never could understand why some men / males does these embarrassing behaviors to women. Do they actually think that women actually get ‘attracted’ by that behavior?

Moral of the story : It is good to be fit & strong! Go after idiots & ripped their car parts off!  Hahaha!




Robotics is inevitable but we are more than just people who need ‘jobs’

So a lot of famous intelligent folks are worried about the future where A.I will take over a lot of routine work of the human race. One latest article here with charts & all > read from link here  & 9 jobs that humans will lose to robots

While I understand the worry, because I do not wish for anyone to lose one’s job to a robot (and my job included!) but it is inevitable just because these jobs are not actually tapping the human’s potential at all. Humans are naturally demanding, selfish & careless – we can’t refute that. But humans are also inherently creative & resourceful – which robots aren’t.

Let’s look at the 3 traits which is not apparent in robots – Demanding – we want the best, value & fast. Selfishness – we demand for the best & fast for ourselves but we complain when we serve ‘demanding’ customers then Carelessness – we admit that we are bound to make mistakes but we are unforgiving to people commit mistakes that affects us directly. So what is wrong with giving the jobs that require swiftness, no error & best value to the one that can best perform it? On a economics & not waste of resources stand point – it is only right that we pass on this job to the robots just because they are better, more reliable & 100% predictable.

So what should the other 47% of the humans do ? Now that we do not have a ‘job’ ? What are we going to eat without money to buy food? How can I educate my child if I do not have a job to pay for the costly education? How can I pay for heat during the winter ? How do I pay for my yearly holidays that I need for my family?

{side note : The world population is declining so maybe that 47% will reduced to 30%  so let’s not be alarmed (I mean my family of 7 is only producing 1 offspring to date – that’s like a 86% reduction of # of people in just 1 family)}

You know what robots can’t replaced?

  1. A teacher that teaches us to appreciate the wonders of the world (not maths, alphabets or codes)
  2. A dreamer that writes out their stories for everyone to share
  3. A music/song writer that composes music & lyrics that resonates how we feel
  4. A painter that shows us that a picture is more than just drawings & colors
  5. A comedian that makes us laugh when we feel a little tired
  6. A conscientious human that recognizes what is wrong & takes actions to make laws to correct them
  7. A researcher that spends their time to find out more so we will all know more
  8. An actor that entertain us
  9. A cook / chef that not just makes us food but come up with new recipes / ways to make our food even more interesting
  10. An inventor that invent something that does not exist into existence.

I could go on & on but I know what we (humans) are not – we are not drivers (cos we are too careless & unpredictable) , we are not reporters (cos if it just reporting what is already happening, its a boring thing to do – why would humans enjoy that), we are not suitable to be soldiers (cos we are humans, we are not ‘born’ to fight one another, it is totally against our nature) & we are not suitable to be astronauts too (cos we should be learning how to love & take care of Earth vs looking for new planets to live).

So really – there are still plenty of ‘jobs’ going around that will finally be tapping the human’s species potential! with all the routine work being outsource / delegate to the robots – the world can now finally devote at least another 30% of the human population to something even better for the world!

Do I worry about my daughter’s future ? Yes of course! Tell me which parent who aren’t? Will I try to guide her to a profession that I think will be what the future world needs? I don’t know – as of now, I am still groping with how can I wake her up at 630am next year when she starts her primary 1!

But am I for robots in the future world – yes I am , just because despite a lot of people saying they got not enough money to survive – we can’t get people to fill up job vacancy that are seen to be too routine / menial in nature.

Maybe we just have to face up to the fact that humans want a job that can use their actual potential vs just their raw physical self. If robots do not come into existence, a big portion of the human race would probably go crazy because the human mind has developed to the point that it is time for them to realized their inner potential & when it is ignore, it is just not good.

So what will I want to do for my kid? I only hope I can help her find her own potential despite my authoritarian nature. The issue here would really be how can i curb my own opinions on her.




So.. it’s ok to be bad-tempered

I really should switch to ‘linked-in’ for news feed & good articles on daily basis vs using the FB, else I really could have missed this super interesting article! Read > Why it pays to be grumpy & bad-tempered

And since Jeff Bezos was mentioned (which happens to me one my fave entreprenuer vs Jobs/Musk), the article was sold for me to continue reading.

So I am not the most mild mannered person around my office. And most often than not, after my angry outburst – I would feel super lousy because I will question my ‘leadership’ style & not to mention the ‘karma’ that goes with it. I would often wonder, when I do decide to work for another firm, how would I feel if I get shouted on like how I did. Needless to say – when the next time someone/something came up wrong or do something silly/stupid, I would lose my ‘please be calm’ reminder & go on my usual tirade. But hey – to be fair it is usually very effective! Which brings me to Jeff Bezos fave phrase during his tirade – “I’m sorry but did I take my stupid pills today?!” – too funny! I think the research probably forget to mention that these grumpy & bad tempered folks are also subconsciously humorous.

So yes, I am going to try to feel less guilty after every tirade as the article suggests:-

The next time someone tells you to “cheer up” – why not tell them how you’re improving your sense of fairness, reducing unemployment and saving the world economy? You’ll be having the last laugh – even if it is a world-weary, cynical snort.

history is interesting, really…(as you age)

I wonder is it because of my increasing age that history now becomes so interesting. History was a subject that I detest as a teenager & I wonder why it was ‘boring’.  Was it because it was made to be ‘memorising’ subject rather than something that we should understand so that we can piece together the present ? Maybe so. I guess my history teacher were not successful in understanding the young restless minds.

Anyway..I LOVE this quick & easy pictorial depiction of that explains about the middle east. Good stuff!

40 Maps that explains the middle east



to be stingy with praises

I was brought up in an environment with very little praise thrown to us because the things we do right are like the ‘basic’ expectations that my dad expect from us. To be fair he also does not criticise us for our mistakes. He lecture us about it but never criticise. And I am the X gen.

Fast forward to 10 years later – the theory is for parents to ‘praise’ their offspring more so as to build their ‘self-confidence’ so that they will do better in life. And this is the Y gen.

Then now (another 10 years later after previous latest theory), it is shared that it we should not be praising the kids on their ‘talent’ but praising on their ‘effort’. It is kind of like combining both of the X gen & Y gen brought up.  (if you are interested – read this worthy article > the learning myth) .

For me, I like the information a lot. Mainly because I am this X gen whom are not used to dish out praises due to how I was brought up. I do not think there were anything wrong with how I was brought up with so little praises / encouragement given. In fact, I think I gain a lot from it. Without praises for our supposed natural talent – we are more grounded & practical. We know we have to be exceptionally good if we ever do get a praise. In fact – we hardly get any rewards even if we do a little bit better than your last attempt. It did taught us grit though. We are doggedly persistence to the end or some will call it stubborn. But at least we never give up no matter how hard it gets. Of course – we dream big a lot less – which is not good. We do the work well but do not ask for the rewards since we think it is ‘no big deal’. And because we dream big less, we become mediocre as time goes by.

This current theory is not without reasoning or scientific proof. It is something that is worth reminding myself about when I teach my daughter. However – I do worry if I will criticise because I am so adept at it (which is not a good trait).

Well.. reminder for you – Praise the Effort . Shut up about the talent.

headbands during headaches

Now.. I am quite a fan of Korean dramas & always have a good laugh on their dramatics – like when the mother is ‘upset’ with their child which resulted in her getting sick. These sick “older’ mothers always without fail wear this ‘white headband’ over their heads. And I wonder why?

So.. I just did some quick check on google (can’t imagine researching life without it).

And here’s on interesting article on natural remedies for migraine (link here). Excerpt from the article below:

Wear a headband: In Korea, people tie a cloth snugly around their heads, just above the eyebrows. This remedy has been somewhat validated by Western science: according to one study, wearing a snug elastic headband helped about a quarter of the participants obtain relief of 50 percent or more, possibly because the headband restricts blood flow and prevents the dilation of blood vessels.

How’s that ?! I guess one shouldn’t ‘discount’ some traditional methods that your aged parents shared isn’t it ?

Of grit & grittier parents

I wrote some weeks back about what if only diligence matters where I had hope that intelligence is the same but only diligence are the one that differentiates, it turns out – actually – diligence already does differentiate the successful vs not. See this talk at Ted by Angela Duckworth (which was filmed earlier this month). Talk about some weird cosmic coincidence! But I am glad because it looks like in my very limited experience at my workplace & my limited social life … I at least know that diligence matters. So I go about searching for her studies.. check out her site Duckworth Lab, there are tests to check your ‘grit’ level.

While she found that grit seems to be a core component for success, she has yet to find the science to ‘foster’ grit. Needless to say, there are lots of articles on this (as well as books), if you just go about searching it in different key words. But she did mention maybe parents need to be grittier than their kids so they can raise one with grit. So that brings about my next train of thought… parents be ‘grittier’ during instances where the toddler is bawling for something he/she cannot have (like the candy @ 8pm at night) meaning do the parent let the child cry for a long time then gives in so he/she gets what she wants (therefore displaying a trait of perseverance & grit no matter how long / hard it takes) OR the parent be the grittier one by standing firm on the decision that no means no, no matter how long he/she gonna hold out in crying (therefore displaying a trait to ‘give’ up cos there’s just no point? or that the kid can actually recognize that the parent is displaying grit by standing firm on the ‘right thing to do’- although I highly think that the kid will think of the former cos he/she is not yet capable to process reasoning in their head yet)

I do think that parents are the ones who can plant the seeds of grit in their kids so that they can build their own grit level when they are adults through their passion or interests but you see the crux of the issue when what is consider building grit vs doing the ‘right’ thing? Duckworth lab is still conducting their research so they can come up with a ‘science’ method on fostering grit in children & I can’t help but think this is just not soon enough.

So .. what to do.. trust our instincts (which I often doubt) ?