what’s complacent

Complacent is defined by Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1) as

1. pleased, esp. with oneself or one’s merits, advantages, situation, etc., often without awareness of some potential danger or defect; self-satisfied:

What’s complacent to me ?

It is lazily proud, It gets blind by own inaction, It is self destructive, It lives in the past.

Our country government is complacent. Our workplace workers are complacent. The managers are complacent as well.

So.. how do we ‘remind’ ourselves not to be complacent? Must we follow what old, big & successful corporations on reviewing needs of change & executing them every 5 years? How about own self-complacency? When one search on how not to be complacent – it returns 295,000 hits on thousands of different industries – health to govt polices & even personal developments. Still.. I cannot find one answer that I can readily use to remind myself easily.


A sad victory

Led a cheats hunt & cheats’ barricade. Results are back. We won.

Should be really happy yet I am not. Why? you say. Well.. the cheats are in our own turf!

Yes – its a sad victory for me cause  I’d rather lost this game, I’d rather you guys prove me wrong.  


Be positive on the negatives..

The negatives                                  ‘Be Positive’ on the negative          

1. Absenteesim                                – you get to learn how to motivate

                                                         with or without monetary methods

2. Customer service issues               – you learn what customers really


3. HIgh costs                                   – it highlights that it is time to

                                                         improve !

4. Under performing customers         – you see where we have been unfair

                                                         & learn ways to change them to our


5. Balooning debtors lists                  – you learn that debt collection is a

                                                         difficult business but if one is

                                                          principle & clear, it can be easy

6.  Ineffecient work force                  – you learn to listen more & question


7.  High resource turnover                       – you learn that standard procedures

                                                           & documentation matters!

Yeap.. trying real hard to be positive above the whole negative stuff …. 


shall one worry?

I wonder why… why I am not worried the least about some supposed high level person planning to leave the company. In fact, I am kind of relief or happy (not yet clear on which emotion I am feeling). I sure hope that it is not that I am arrogant.

Objectively – lets see if he is worth that much for me to worry… Let’s see..

  1. results – nadda

  2. motivational skills – negative
  3. leadership of his team – what can i say – its more like most individualistic dept. in the company
  4. organization skill – have yet to seen the display of such skill
  5. people skill – more like pettylistic skill
  6. Technical/mastery skill – hover at below expectation considering the value that we are suppose to receive
  7. Fair or principled – this is a joke if I do rate this

Yeap.. that about sums it up. Looks like I have to get down there to learn the ropes. I can read, see, walk, & learn, its not biggie .. but just more dirty work.

small battle of wills

And SO you have decided to start this small battle of wills

Without declaration of the start or any words of  warning

And I will take them as they come, oh yes I can..

As my walls are strong while yours are weak

I have time on my side while you are short of it 

Oh… do show me all your ways & means now,

am just biding my time to learn your weaknesses from these means,

An interesting time awaits for me ..

Yes ..Let’s start this game


Not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but I seem to be working in this One-Two-Three principle at work now.

Decide ONE important task to complete each day

TWO days to review that task with questions

THREE days to put tasks into perspective with executionable plans

So.. that makes up the 5 1/2 days work week at just completing 1 task!