Bite-size musings #21

If the information that you are conveying does not pass the 3 criteria – it is “gossip”

Is it True ?

Is it Good ?

Is it Helpful?

– heard from some Buddha teaching

Imagine, if every information goes through this 3 criteria, news would be halved, arguments reduced & all mothers of the world will have so much peace.




bite-size musings #20

“the goal is not to be perfect parents but its to become progressively less stupid parents!” – Dr Marshall Rosenberg

Excerpt from Raising Children Compassionately


Before I start reading the book, I must admit, the goal was to be a perfect parent to my child, but Dr Marshall puts it out for me – we just can’t be perfect! He faces the same challenges like all parents do. It is odd how we know we can’t be perfect yet we can’t stop striving to be one.

Still – it is definitely a better goal than perfect – be progressively less stupid!

Now.. I think that will be call wisdom, isn’t it?

bite-size musings #18

It takes a village to raise a child

                                                                         -from an African Proverb

Read this somewhere before but today it is with more impact because my ex-Uni mate who is a widower with 2 young kids in tow were in the papers, sharing her experiences and mostly for readers to celebrate the woman’s strength. She quoted the above. I love that she was truthful, that she has a lot of support from family, church community & friends.  Definitely something to ponder about our social circle.

bite-size musings #17

Abandon your expectations

Got this from a write up on “6 practices to boost your chances of success in life & business”.

Right.. obviously the writer didn’t face unexpected scenarios like the real people in a “not exactly 3rd world country but yet to be 1st world country that practices fake democracy”.  Would he/she would have abandon him/her expectations for the employees to turn up for work everyday? And he/her will celebrate if everyone turns up for work on a working day?

bite-size musings #16

I will always wish for the best for people I don’t care or know, why wouldn’t I be?

Now.. I may sound like I am such a ‘wonderful’ being for saying that but really – it is not. My reason stems from a much selfish reason – ie does not affect me.  Why I say so.. think about this – say you saw someone met an accident (something bad happen to a stranger) & you are there – don’t you feel compel to help? The answer is yes definitely – which in turn means you will be late to whatever you plan to do. Or say someone you don’t care got into a bad patch with in the ‘finance’ department – again you are compel to ‘pitch’ in or get yourself embroiled into (not that it was voluntary!) so… see… I am that selfish. So here I will like to wish again for today & everyday after –


yippee yea yea for me!

bite-size musings #15

“Orang boleh pandai setinggi langit,” Pramoedya wrote in “Rumah Kaca” (The Glasshouse), “tapi selama ia tidak menulis, ia akan hilang di dalam masyarakat dan dari sejarah.” (Your intellect may soar to the sky but if you do not write, you will be lost from society and to history.)

Thoughts to ponder isn’t it? Usually the highly intellectuals do write. I must go find this Rumah Kaca book!