of goals & plans

I am definitely very Chinese because I do not plan my goals around the Gregorian calendar because I really only celebrate the Chinese New Year. So naturally as the time is near for the Lunar New Year, the goals & plans for business are almost complete but I just could not write a simple goal for myself!

Which made me realized this – as we aged our goals are not loftier than we were younger. I used to have so many personal goals when I was younger, they are mostly  material / ‘winning’ goals & it was always easy to identify what we wanted.

Now as I am experiencing my middle age, I realized it is hard for me to come up with a personal goal that I really want. I only wish for my child to be better behave so I will have an easier daily life & I wish for everyone in my family to be safe & healthy – which honestly is really not a goal at all  since I can’t directly make any actions for them to come true.

So do this middle age me come up with personal goals that revolve around these wishes? That could be it isn’t it?


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