Wáng Zhènyì (王振义)

For the start of year 2017, I decided to feature this Asian descent female for my monthly inspiring female for Relm to read – she comes not just from a time that are not only male dominated culture but also of highly feudalistic.

Wáng Zhènyì (王振义), 1768-1797

She published what was then an unprecedented 12 scientific works – many focused on self-modeled hypotheses – during her lifetime, she is remembered by the crater on Venus named in her honor. She is also an outspoken proponent of equality in the sciences, noting that women and men “are all people, who have the same reason for studying.”

She was a very strong and intelligent woman well known for her contributions in astronomy, mathematics, and poetry. She was an acclaimed scholar, “An extraordinary woman of 18th century China.”

Wang Zhenyi believed in equality and equal opportunity for both men and women. She wrote in one of her poems:

It’s made to believe,
Women are the same as Men;
Are you not convinced,
Daughters can also be heroic?

I must say, I have been lucky to be born in a time where female / males are considered equals. Although we are given the same opportunity in education but it was not a time where females are encouraged so much to do the male stuff & vice versa.

More about her > read link here.


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