Officially an “auntie” & loving it

Over at this part of the world – people respect older age folks. So it is a norm for any younger (25 & below) to call any older adults as “auntie” or “uncle” – eventhough there are no relations whatsoever. Of course – usually people are are below 40, they will be addressed as “Miss” or “Mister” & sometimes even ‘che-che’ (older sister) or ‘kor-kor (older brother) so that below 40 does not get offended. But usually – ladies with kids , you can be sure you will be addressed as “auntie”.

Now, I have long accepted the fact that I am quite an “auntie”, because I am not crazy about shopping for clothes or shoes, but I sure do like check out kitchen gadgets & supermarkets for special foodstuff when I am travelling. However, I have never been able to “enjoy” the ‘perks’ thoroughly of being the fact that I am an “auntie” but with recent events, I finally enjoyed the perks that comes with the ‘status’… & I must say this – I enjoyed it thoroughly… And here’s what happened…

My next door neighbor are occupied by a bunch of young adults (some are teenagers probably) cause the kids’ parents are in the UK working. The young kid being ‘resourceful’ – rent out the rooms to his friends (which are obviously young). Now, kids being kids, they are careless & less considerate. They parked carelessly, blocking my entrance to my house – which really is kind of irritating considering M’sia is a country where rain is very unpredictable. So, I ‘used’ my auntie status & request nicely to these young adults to park their cars properly.

NOW – a month later – one of them (I have also developed ‘auntie’ syndrome of not able to distinguished their looks since all of them kind of have the same style , height etc) AGAIN parks right in front of my gate (half side). This time, I go into my auntie mode again & lecturing him again that he can always “open” the gate & PARK into the house parking lot. He was apologetic of course (did I also mentioned some of these young kids are gangsters?.. yes, i am definitely banking on my ‘auntie’ status).

Now – here is the best part, last night – a bunch of their friends came. This time, they PARKED right in front of my gate, and 10mins later – I had to leave the house, and this time, I just need to use my finger & look at the boy – and he immediately shouted out to his friend to move the car.

So, yeah.. I totally love this “auntie” status!



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