Do it well or not at all

If there’s anything that I detest is anyone doing any task that is ‘half-baked’. If you think the task is worth doing – why then do it simply vs doing it properly?

Is that a trait that’s inborn or cultivated? Or maybe – I am the abnormal one.

Recently or rather starting from this year – I finally had the revelation that I am the abnormal one so is a lot of my friends that I hang out with. We share about our gripes at workplace (often) & almost always about why are some of these co-workers so odd in their actions? When in actual fact – we are the odd ones. It is precisely why we cannot comprehend why our co-workers do what they do.

I did change some of my expectations & try to work around solutions to ‘tackle’ my ‘abnormal-ness’, after-all it is more practical to change myself vs changing another person’s character.

So now – I faced something that I cannot understand – why do the task at all if you can’t do it well? Why can’t we treat task like how any person will such as a simple task of washing the hair – i.e after wash with the shampoo – you rinse it out! You can’t very well wash it & not rinse it out right??!

As of now – I am still struggling with accepting that are people who do something without the intention of doing it properly.

Still – … PLEASE … “DO IT WELL OR NOT AT ALL” .  I do not want to go mad with seeing menial tasks being done worst than my 4  year old.


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